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The Munster branch of the Irish Angus Cattle society are a group of like-minded Angus cattle breederswho wish to promote market and improve the breed across the Munster region. The Munster branch run a number of ‘Bred by Exhibitor’ Show & Sales for both males and females during the Spring and Autumn sales seasons. The Munster branch of the Irish Angus Cattle Society also run and facilitate knowledge sharing and social events in the Munster region.


The first meeting of the Munster branch of the Irish Angus cattle society was held on October 25 th 1989 at the Moores Hotel in Cork city. The Irish Angus society facilitated a meeting for members in the Munster region to explore how the society could help market the breed and help breeders sell their stock. The original meeting was chaired by then President Bill O Grady and Society secretary Luke Mulligan. That meeting in Cork was attended by 13 Irish Angus members and this group helped establish the Munster Branch. The single objective of the Branch was to run an Angus only sale that was only for pedigree breeders in the region. The original committee was formed at that meeting and went as follows: Chairman Con O Hanlon, Secretary Sean Cronin, Treasurer Aiden Moloney and Assistant
Treasurer John O’Connell, John Casey, James Culloty, Sean O’Hanlon, John Murphy, Tom Diggin, Bernard Diggin, James Shanahan, Michael Cronin and Dan Fleming. To ensure that the Branch would be successful, these founding members helped finance the Munster branch through voluntary membership contributions.

The first show & sale of the Munster Branch was held at Mallow Mart on March 28 th 1990. This was the first ever Angus only sale in Munster where huge thanks must be given to all committee members and special mention to Denis Cronin (the then Dairygold Chairman) who helped support the Show & Sale get started through making the Mallow Mart facilities available to the Munster Branch and to John O’Connell who was our first auctioneer who also volunteered his services that day. The first sale had an entry of 25 bulls and achieved a near 100% clearance. In 1990 there were around 40 Irish Angus breeders in the Munster region this now extends to over 500 members in the region


  • Chairman – Ray Cronin
  • Vice Chairman – Michael Dullea
  • Secretary – Michael Cronin
  • Treasurer – Danny Fleming
  • PRO’s – Ray Cronin/Michael Dullea/Shane Murphy & Sean Cronin

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